St. Xavier Student Honored with Prestigious NCEA Award


Senior Lorenzo Martinelli received the NCEA 2022-2023 Youth Virtues, Valor, and Vision Award from the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) for selfless service, determination, innovation, and ideals that are changing the world. 

“The very title of the award, Youth Virtues, Valor, and Vision, tells us a lot about these young people. Each one is a witness to the risen Christ and the importance of Catholic schools,” said NCEA President/CEO Lincoln Snyder. “These students are the faces of our Catholic faith at work in their communities.”

Martinelli was chosen from more than 1.6 million Catholic school students across the country and was one of only ten students selected for the award. Martinelli was presented with the prestigious NCEA crystal flame and a Chromebook from Archangel Education + Technology. 

During his freshman year, Martinelli created a service organization app, Tandem, to connect high schoolers with the elderly. Throughout the pandemic, Martinelli and his sister, the co-founder of Tandem, combined with their grandmother virtually and desired a way to spread this connection with other teenagers and seniors. 

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