St. Xavier High School Teacher Presents at International Conference on Urban Education in Mexico


Dr. Kendra Nolan, a member of our math department, presented at the International Conference on Urban Education in Mexico last week. ICUE is a global conference to solve issues in urban school settings.

Her presentation was based on her thesis paper titled “Middle School Student Characteristics and Perceived Sense of Connectedness in an Online Learning Environment.” Looking at data from three middle schools in Kentucky, Dr. Nolan used data from the Online Student Connectedness Survey to investigate interaction effects and students’ sense of connection. She found that multiple variables affected students’ perceived connectedness. 

“During the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order, schools switched to non-traditional instruction (NTI),” Dr. Nolan said. “Students especially had to adapt to the changes in instructional delivery by developing new learning strategies while struggling with social isolation and loneliness. My paper focused on measuring these online learning adaptations’ impact on students’ connectedness to the school environment.”

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