Saint John’s High School Leadership Retreat Focuses on Xaverian Brothers Founder Theodore Ryken


For the 45th consecutive summer, Saint John’s High School Leadership Institute (SJLI) convened for four days for any interested members of the senior class. Hosted at Assumption University, the retreat explored dimensions of leadership drawn directly from the biography and journey of Xaverian Brothers founder, Theodore James Ryken.

Questions included the following:

  • Who are you, and what has been the trajectory of your life thus far?
  • What people have ‘been there’ for you along the way, and what gifts have you been given for your journey (in yourself, and in and through others)?
  • What are your deepest desires?
  • As you imagine leading your life from this point forward, how might you better include others in need? And, how can you cultivate a deeper dialogue and relationship with the Divine in leading your life and being a leader for others, particularly when what is ‘served up’ to us in life isn’t exactly what we’d been desiring?

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