Meet Teresa Riggs: First Female Board Chair in St. Xavier’s 159-year History


The Xaverian Brothers have long viewed governance of our schools as a “shared ministry,” an action of service, to and with others, that flows from a deep faith commitment. The Brothers were among the very first religious orders in the United States to empower lay leaders on governing boards. Board Chairs of a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School take on the added responsibility of leading the full board in close collaboration with the school’s leadership team. 

Teresa Riggs has served on the Board of Directors at St. Xavier High School in Louisville since 2013 and was appointed Board Chair in 2021. Retired from her President role of BATUS Japan, Inc., Teresa’s successful corporate leadership experience coupled with her deep volunteer and non-profit board experience made her a great fit for the Board Chair role.  

Teresa shares, “My Dad was a graduate of the class of 1953. Brian, my husband graduated in 1976.  My sons also graduated from St. Xavier (Kyle, class of 2004 and Kevin, class of 2014). Several brothers-in law and nephews attended as well. I distinctly remember spending Friday nights at the Saint X football games when my husband and I were dating. Saint X was and is a key part of the Catholic landscape in Louisville and I always supported the green and gold. After witnessing the impact Saint Xavier had on my husband and sons, I wanted to find a way to get more involved and ensure the tradition continues.”

Teresa also skillfully leads the St Xavier board in ensuring they understand and own the mission of Xaverian Education. She writes, “The Board and school leadership must keep focus on the Xaverian charism and mission in every decision we make.  The Xaverian Brothers dedicated their lives to creating and serving our Xaverian schools with humility, trust, compassion, simplicity, and zeal and we must continue that legacy.”  

To learn more about Teresa Riggs and her experience as Board Chair at St. Xavier, click here. 

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