CT Bishop Shares Kind Words About Saint Bernard School Helping Ukrainian Students

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Kind words were shared from Bishop Michael R. Cote​, Bishop of Norwich, CT, about Saint Bernard School’s staff opening their hearts to help several Ukrainian students continue their education. See the text below:

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Maintaining the dignity of life through its entire earthly journey is one of the essential callings of our beliefs. At the core, it defines our Catholic faith and who we are –– sons and daughters of a loving God.

A recent development in our diocese serves as a wonderful example of the dignity of life and the biblical teaching of hospitality.

What is hospitality? Going beyond the secular understanding of hospitality, which is to extend kindness to those whom we are acquainted, the bible teaches hospitality as the virtue of kindness and generosity toward strangers and guests. It is characterized by a spirit of welcome to those to whom we may not be acquainted or in some cases can be seen as dissimilar to us.

Saint Bernard School located in Uncasville, is extending this spirit of hospitality to seven Ukrainian students who have been displaced due to the ongoing war in their homeland.

Headmaster, Don Macrino and the leadership staff of Saint Bernard School decided to help these young war refugees from Ukraine complete their education, supplying them with books and supplies as well as tuition.

This act of hospitality is extending well beyond the walls of the school to the larger Saint Bernard School community as local families open their homes to these students. This opportunity will be a benefit to all involved as they move from strangers to friends.

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