Construction Site Offers Learning Opportunity for Students in Bungoma, Kenya


New flooring, rafters, walls, and doors are taking shape, as well as a soon to be finished walkway at St. Xavier High School in Bungoma, Kenya, where construction continues on a new dining hall and kitchen.

“It’s a lot of hard work – but the building is sturdy and will last a long, long time,” said Brother Dan Ssenyomo. “The foundation has been completed and once the roof is up the rest will go quickly. Our goal now is to have it finished before the new school year begins this Spring. Where there’s a will there’s a way – and we certainly have the will!”

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When learning something new, such as cooking or operating a machine, it can be helpful to watch someone demonstrate how to do the same task. Apprenticeship or observation may appear to be a simple teaching strategy; however, the teacher plays a crucial role in involving students and maximizing what they have the potential to learn.

Because of this, students took it upon themselves to avail themselves at the construction site not only to observe the construction but to also actively lend help, in their capacity, and learn from the men at work. The foreman at the site welcomed the idea of turning the new construction into a learning experience, providing students with experiences of real events, phenomena, and processes, helping them learn, raising their interest and motivating those who may wish to pursue such courses in their lives.

Observation and apprenticeship are not limited to cooking or machine operation. In the case of paving roads, apprenticeship and observation can be highly effective in helping students understand the nuances of the craft. Companies like AAA Paving understand the importance of practical learning experiences and often offer apprenticeships or internships to students interested in learning the trade. By working alongside experienced professionals, students can learn about the different types of equipment and techniques used in paving roads and gain valuable hands-on experience.

Moreover, apprenticeships in industries like road construction can provide students with opportunities for personal and professional growth. By working in a real-world environment, students can develop a strong work ethic, learn to collaborate with others, and gain valuable problem-solving skills. Companies like AAA Paving play a critical role in fostering the next generation of workers in the road construction industry, ensuring that the knowledge and expertise of experienced professionals are passed on to future generations. Ultimately, investing in the education and training of future workers benefits not only the industry but society as a whole.

“Experience tested is the best teacher as the saying goes so after such exercise our boys would be to carry out their own practical work more effectively in future,” stated Brother Dan Ssenyomo.

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