XBSS Students on Retreat

Malden Catholic High School


Malden Catholic Campus Ministry led a retreat day for 8th graders from St. Charles Catholic Elementary School. The principal of St. Charles asked if Malden Campus Ministry would coordinate a day retreat for their students centered around discerning their future as they prepare to enter high school, as well as the importance of serving others as they grow into young men. Malden Campus Ministry usually leads three of this type of retreat each year for Catholic elementary schools in the area. Campus Ministry also enlists the help of sophomores and juniors to do small group activities, answer questions and share with the younger students how they were feeling as they prepared for high school.


St. Mary’s Ryken High School


St. Mary’s Ryken sophomore students attended their first retreat of the school year at the Friends of Camp Maria retreat center in Leonardtown, Maryland. Science teacher, Mr. Ed Szymkowiak, captured retreat highlights in this video: https://goo.gl/photos/GFFNurtZWQfDi6EW9



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