Weekly Service Offerings at Saint John’s High School

A day in the life of a high school student can certainly be a busy one. Between a school day full of academic classes, afternoon of athletic practices, theater rehearsals and other extra-curricular commitments, and an evening filled with catching up with family and studying, the day can fill up very quickly.


Despite these busy schedules, the Saint John’s High School Campus Ministry team, along with other volunteering faculty and staff, continue to make community service a top priority by leading students from all grade levels on a series of service trips every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, within the greater community.


Every Tuesday, students travel Nativity Middle School of Worcester to participate in the school’s intramural program where they play and referee sports with the middle-schoolers. Mr. Christopher Whelan, Campus Minister at Saint John’s, notes, “this is a very rewarding service trip as the Saint John’s students form “big brother” type relationships with their younger peers.”


On Wednesdays, students visit the Crozier House, also in Worcester. Here, students help unpack food donations, organize and restructure the food pantries, and help prepare food for upcoming meals. “The students who attend the weekly Crozier House service trip have come to have a much deeper appreciation and awareness for all that they have,” says Mr. Kevin Abdo, Director of Campus Ministry. “It’s a way to give back to the community that they are a part of.”


To finish up the service week, students travel to St. Peter’s Central Catholic to tutor students every Thursday afternoon. Mr. Peter Richer, a Saint John’s Campus Minister says that “tutoring at St. Peter’s Central Catholic has been a staple for our after-school service program.” Located just up the road in Worcester, students arrive to St. Peter’s around 3:00 PM, just in time for their end of school prayer and dismissal. The Saint John’s students head to the school library, eagerly awaiting the St. Peter’s students to tutor on topics ranging from third grade Mathematics to eighth grade Social Studies. “It is a pleasure to see Saint John’s students engage with the material – taking what they have learn in the classroom and apply it towards teaching younger students,” Mr. Richer concludes.


Aside from the weekly service schedule, Saint John’s High School offers many other local and international service opportunities for students such as the Junior Urban Encounter, Global Encounter, and the Saint John’s Service Day.



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