Turning Compassion into an Action Verb at St. John’s Prep's Middle School

The scene in the Middle School Dining Commons was an assembly line of helpful hands. Students gently smeared peanut butter on slices of bread, while others dabbed on grape jelly or wrapped completed sandwiches in Saran Wrap to go into boxes.


Students clearly enjoyed the spirit of teamwork, with visible bursts of pride from knowing that the more than 160 sandwiches they made would serve as lunch for someone the next day at Peabody’s Haven From Hunger. This activity summed up the spirit of the Middle School’s Compassion Day – making compassion an action verb! See photos from the day here!


Campus Minister Jason Moore explained that this special day was an opportunity to pray, learn, reflect and practice compassion as individuals and as a community.


The day also included a guest speaker, an art project and mini courses that challenged the students to keep open minds and hearts as they learned about the concept of kindness. Students were asked to consider how making compassion an action verb affects not only those in need of help, but also those who help.


To illustrate this point, Mr. Moore showed a video that told the story of a Texas middle school football team that got together to make a life-changing play. They helped a special needs boy on their team score a touchdown. He was thrilled, but what the video highlighted was how the team’s act of compassion affected the other players far more than the boy who scored the touchdown.


“Compassion changes us,” Mr. Moore said. “It helps us to be kinder, gentler people.”


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Students make lunches that will go to people in need at Peadbody’s Haven From Hunger



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