Sweet Transitions at Lowell Catholic

Lowell Catholic’s Class of 2022 and their parents were invited to campus in September for the Annual Freshman welcome night. As students bond and begin to unite as a class through ice breakers, friendly competitions and outdoor fun led by the campus ministry team and student leaders, parents settled in for an informational session and a meet and greet with the teachers and staff that will be the foundation of their student’s educational experience for the next four years.


“A smooth transition to high school is our ultimate goal with this event.” Says Lowell Catholic’s Assistant Principal of Student Life, Ms. Erin MacNeil. “It’s not just about students finding a home and a comfort level, but our parents and families are a big part of our Crusader community and we want to develop a rapport with them so they are acquainted with the school and each other as well. Seeing the friendly faces of our amazing staff, understanding the expectations and finding avenues to succeed in high school are all very important components of bringing together a united and cohesive school community.”


This year’s freshmen class of nearly 100 students, led by both peers and staff members got to indulge in a carnival like evening complete with a bouncy house, kick ball tournament, popcorn and a make your own sundae bar. These moments are designed to also assist in merging rising LC elementary students and newcomers to the LC community as new friendships are forged and bonds are created.


As Lowell Catholic embarks on their 3rd year as a Pre-K through 12th grade school, transitions are on the forefront of the curriculum development plan. Already the school has aligned the 7th through 12th grade curriculum allowing 8th graders who perform well academically to challenge themselves with 9th grade level courses. This year that forward thinking planning will extend through the 5th and 6th curriculum planning as well.


Recently, Head of School, Maryellen DeMarco addressed the faculty and staff informing them of the glowing report LC had received from NEASC, the New England Accreditation for Schools and Colleges and applauded their efforts. The report, submitted by Deputy Director, Jim Mooney stated, “The Commission commends the school for what by all accounts was a very successful merger of Lowell Catholic High School and St. Margaret Elementary School. This was by no small measure, due to extraordinary efforts of many and particularly, the leadership of the high school and elementary school.”




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