Student Achievement at Our Lady of Good Counsel

Wilson Hu '18 was recently notified that he received the top score of 5 on the AP Calculus AB Exam. Scoring a 5 on the exam is equivalent to an A grade in the corresponding college course. Wilson was one of only 18 students in the world (amounting to just 0.006% of all 2016 AP Calculus AB Exam takers) to earn every point possible on the difficult assessment.


When speaking about his achievement, Wilson demonstrated the type of humility GC seeks to instill in students. "It was just hard work combined with good luck," Wilson said, "Everyone else seems more excited by it than I am." Wilson also credits Mrs. Squirlock with helping him prepare for the exam. "She gave us exercises that were harder than what is on the exam, so I thought it was actually pretty easy," Wilson explained.


Now in AP Calculus BC, Wilson will be taking the exam this Spring. "I will try to get a perfect score again," Wilson said with a chuckle. Good Counsel wishes him the best of luck and congratulates Wilson on his impressive accomplishment.”

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Pictured: Wilson Hu, '18




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