St. Bernard School Millionaire’s Club

Financial literacy, leadership and entrepreneurial skills are all things that students in Connecticut’s first Millionaire’s Club at Saint Bernard School are looking forward to learning more about.  The club, sponsored by CorePlus Credit Union of Norwich, is part of Saint Bernard School’s commitment to providing students with the opportunities and unique skill sets that are integral to living as responsible, independent adults.


Complementing accounting, personal finance, and economics classes offered at Saint Bernard School, the Millionaire’s Club allows students to put into practice concepts already learned.  However, if a student has not taken financial courses, the club curriculum from the National Endowment for Financial Education lays a solid foundation of financial literacy, so no student wishing to participate in the club is left behind.


Since the Club’s inception in October, club members have gone on a field trip, elected officers, identified an entrepreneurial project, and created a budget.  In the coming months, students will hear from guest speakers, local professionals, learn how to play the Stock Market Game, generate funds for the club, and go on other field trips.  In addition, the Saint Bernard School Millionaire’s Club is looking forward to completing in state and national challenges.



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