Senior Service Week at Lowell Catholic

A Lowell Catholic High School diploma means more than just completing the assigned coursework. For the class of 2017, it means making a difference and understanding how one person can cultivate change in the community and beyond. LC’s seniors commit one week each January to the service of others. In place of their regularly scheduled school courses, they report to their volunteer job site in an effort to reach their graduation requirement of completing 100 hours of community service in their four years of high school.


Students volunteered at varied service locations throughout the greater Lowell area, including homeless shelters, schools, animal rescue operations, nursing homes and food pantries. As a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School, the students are encouraged to discover what makes them unique and gifted through their acts of service to others.  It is through their service assignments that LC students frequently report finding their passion for a future vocation. At the mid-way point during their week of service, students gathered at Lowell Catholic to reflect upon their experiences, share what they had learned and offer each other guidance as they completed their service projects and journals.


Pictured: Lowell Catholic senior, Molly Hutchins prepares lunch at the Chelmsford Senior Center, one of many helpful tasks she’ll complete during Lowell Catholic’s week of service.


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