Science is Eminent at Lowell Catholic

Chemistry students at Lowell Catholic completed an interdisciplinary Eminent Scientist Project that went beyond a basic biography, instead challenging students to personify their scientist.


Each student was tasked with extensive research, including school databases, print and online media.


"In addition to learning about their scientist, the project serves as a segue into discussing the importance of correctly citing sources and using intellectual property responsibly," said Valerie Diggs, LC's librarian, who aided the research by bringing countless interlibrary loan resources to campus. "It was so wonderful to see how these students turned their inquisitive curiosity into a sincere depth of knowledge. Their dedication to discovery shone through in their presentation skills."


"It is easy to choose a well-known scientist like Albert Einstein because there are an abundance of easily accessible resources," said Somdatta Chowdhury, Science Department chair. "This year, I was particularly impressed with the number of less-known scientists that our students chose to learn about. By educating themselves, faculty and their peers, everyone learned about leaders in science who have had an enormous impact on our world."


This spring, Lowell Catholic's Environmental Science students will participate in a Project in Action. Students will collaborate on and implement a plan that tangibly illustrates how they can improve their environment.


Science Instructor Joseph Sebode has inspired students to want to see positive improvements. Currently, they are researching such topics as the financial impact of adding solar panels to LC's new building, implementation of recycling initiatives on campus, and testing water quality in local streams among many others.



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