Malden Catholic Librarian, Mrs. Karen Davidson-Heller Receives Massachusetts School Library Association Web Seal of Excellence Award

Malden Catholic High School is pleased to announce that its school Librarian, Mrs. Karen Davidson-Heller, has been selected as a recipient of a Massachusetts School Library Association Web Seal of Excellence Award. A school library’s web presence is an important tool for teaching, learning, communication, and public relations. “Living in a fast-changing world of information technology characterized by knowledge explosion, our students and faculty are fortunate to have in Mrs. Davidson-Heller, a person who knows the electronic learning environment so well and is a valuable guide to the resources and research techniques available,” said Malden Catholic Principal Brother Thomas Puccio, C.F.X.A presentation ceremony will take place at the MSLA Awards Dinner on April 30th at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst following the “Spring Bookfest: Mirrors, Windows and Doors.” Mrs. Davidson-Heller will be asked to write an article on a topic of her choice for the annual MSLA Forum. “It is wonderful to be recognized for an award by a professional group of your peers,” said Mrs. Karen Davidon-Heller. “Great care and effort goes into deciding the type of information that goes into the school library website. The website is used by students and teachers and provides essential information resources to support school curriculum. Information on the website supports the needs of our students 24/7 from school and home and provides what they need all in one space.”

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