Lowell Catholic Students Find Adventure, and Something to Smile About on Fieldtrips

A group of Lowell Catholic students recently toured Reichheld-Ting Orthodontics in Westford to learn about how orthodontists apply braces, align smiles, make dental impressions and x-rays, and discover how best to care of their dental hygiene.


Lowell Catholic students have several opportunities to travel, expanding their educational experience throughout high school. Real life experiences enhance the rigorous classroom academics and provide service learning, cultural and world language immersion. This February two world language groups left Lowell bound for Italy and Canada. Dr. Judy Haley, World Language Chair, led the group of Latin students through Rome, Pompeii, Vatican City and Assissi. Ms. Caitlin Divencenzo led a second group of French students through Quebec and French speaking regions of Canada.


From opposite sides of the ocean, students toured cathedrals, tasted local treats like gelato and frozen maple syrup, learned about lifestyles and culture and practiced their conversational skills in world languages.


While Latin students toured the Colosseum and saw the sculptures of Pompeii, French students toured Ice castles and sculptures of snow. In Rome, the group attended a Gladiator school and learned about the skills, tools and training of the ancient soldiers. In Quebec students visited a dog sled team and learned about training the animals and working with sleds as a means of travel.


Dr. Haley said, "This trip has been amazing. Over the past week we have been exposed to countless new experiences. Over time our memories fade, but I believe this will be a part of our students education that they will carry with them always. From the stunning sites to the exposure to different cultures it is truly a phenomenal once in a lifetime experience for our students.



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