Lowell Catholic Receives Outstanding Review from NEASC

Lowell Catholic, a school accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges recently underwent a Two-Year Interim Evaluation of the merged Pre-K through 12th grade school community. The commission noted that LC has been a “dynamic institution and very much ‘on the move’ in the past two years.” They were also pleased to learn that LC has hired a Learning Integration Specialist and with a genuinely diverse student body are meeting the academic needs of students by providing “numerous professional development opportunities for staff.”


Growing from a high school of 408 students to a large campus accommodating over 700 Pre-K through 12th grade learners was no easy task. Mrs. Maryellen DeMarco credits her hardworking and dedicated faculty, students, parents and Board of Trustees, who foster a pervading tone of caring and sense of family for the success of Lowell Catholic. NEASC concurs, writing, “Lowell Catholic focuses clearly and intentionally on its mission and has nurtured an atmosphere of care and respect throughout the school community.”


In addition to the academic expansion, the school has planned a significant expansion of facilities and will break ground this spring on a new academic building on the current school footprint. As a Xaverian brothers sponsored school, LC students are not only engaged in a robust and rigorous STREAM based academic curriculum, they are also learning and growing valuable skills such as compassion, community outreach and developing the sense of responsibility to give back to their local and global community. The new construction will offer a greater arena for the further development of interdisciplinary studies and collaboration between departments, classes and grade levels. It will also open up additional opportunities to extend the expansive co-curricular program.


Pictured above from left to right: Alexis Cloutier of Lowell, Olivia Machado of Lowell, Olivia Paglucia of Tewksbury, Brooke Ewing of Lowell, Maggie Hood of Lowell Coby Boissonneault of Lowell, Neipha Som of Lowell and Rachel Donaldson of Lowell



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