Lowell Catholic Groundbreaking Ceremony

On May 14th, 2018 a groundbreaking ceremony was held at Lowell Catholic. The private Catholic co-educational Pre-k through 12th grade community welcomed faculty, staff, students, major donors, alumni and state representatives Rady Mom and David Nangle.


The new 25,000 sq. ft. building is being built directly behind Legacy Hall and will house a state of the art learning commons, classrooms, an expanded cafeteria, physics lab and administrative offices. Current building plans project a fully operational facility by the fall of 2019.


The school is working with Gavin & Sullivan Architects and Charter Brothers Construction on the facility, which will mirror the look and feel of the other buildings on campus. The project is being financed by Salem Five and Lowell Five Banks through a tax exempt Mass Development Bond.


Several students participated in the assembly. MaryKate Cassidy, Class of 2019 led the celebration with a prayer followed by opening remarks from Head of School, Maryellen DeMarco. She stated, “Today marks a new beginning for Lowell Catholic as we break ground on our long awaited addition. The new academic building to be built on this site is the culmination of our long term strategic vision… Our new building will be a wonderful addition to our campus, benefiting students for years to come.”


Parker Fisher, Class of 2018 sang an impressive rendition of the National anthem and Bill Quinn, Chair of Lowell Catholic’s Board of Trustees, presented legacy symbols with the assistance of several high school students who placed a painting of each of the 7 legacy schools on the stage. He added, “As a graduate of Keith Academy, I am so proud of Lowell Catholic for successfully carrying on the legacy of all of the Catholic schools that thrived in Lowell over the last century.” The school choir sang Lowell Catholic’s Treasured Ties and Hunter Berube, Class of 2018 spoke eloquently about his pride for Lowell Catholic. “We will look back on this day as a leap forward for Lowell Catholic. This is an opportunity for the next generations of Crusaders to be even more successful than the last. ” he stated.


The groundbreaking was blessed by Rev. John Hanley, OMI and the ceremonial team wielding the golden shovels included Jack Sullivan of Gavin & Sullivan Architects, Bill Quinn, Adam Charter of Charter Brothers Construction, Gerry Foley, LC Project Manager, Hunter Berube, LC Class President and Maryellen DeMarco.




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