The vision of a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School has its origin in the charism of the Brothers of Saint Francis Xavier. This charism, the founding impulse of the Congregation, is a gift received by the Founder, handed on and developed throughout the history and lived experience of the Brothers, and further enriched and enlivened by the giftedness of those who collaborate in Xaverian Sponsored education. Together, the Xaverian Brothers and those who collaborate with them in their educational ministry serve as stewards for the Xaverian charism.

Faithful to the tradition of Xaverian education, a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School is a center of growth and learning marked by:

Enduring Personal Relationships

The Xaverian charism is, at its core, relational. Therefore, a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School strives to create an atmosphere in which relationships can grow and thrive. In such an atmosphere, all can experience respect and care for their dignity as children of God. Those who work in a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School are called to understand and live their role as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which they proclaim by their attitudes, actions and manner of relating to others, especially their students.

Stewardship for God’s Creation

A Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School community is called to recognize that all it has comes from God. It is challenged to grow in the conviction of its moral responsibility to care for all of God’s gifts, whether it be the care of the human person and human relationships, the earth’s environment and its natural resources, or the material resources entrusted to their use.

A Xaverian school community is called to put on the mind of Christ in order to bring about the New Creation. Therefore, all members of the Sponsored School community, governing directors, administrators, support staff, teachers, students and parents should feel that their giftedness and contributions are welcome and valued as important to the mission and work of the school.

In this way, those involved in Xaverian Sponsorship will understand the role they play as stewards responsible for the life and mission of the school.

The Centrality of Religious Instruction, Spiritual Formation, Worship and Prayer

The teachings the Catholic faith permeate the entire educational program of a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School. Religious instruction and spiritual formation enable students to integrate their personal faith with the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in Scripture and the authentic tradition of the Church. The Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School gives priority to providing the time and space necessary for reflection, prayer, sharing of faith and sacramental celebrations as integral dimensions of the educational program. It is necessary, as well, for the Xaverian Sponsored School community to reflect on how it manifests the Gospel values which characterize the Christian’s love of God and neighbor.

Faculty and staff are also supported in their growth as people of faith. In this way they model to their students and each other the ongoing ways in which God intervenes in life.

A Challenging Educational Program

An academically demanding educational program is another hallmark of the Xaverian charism. As a center of growth and learning, a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School creates an atmosphere in which all are committed to academic integrity and excellence. Such an atmosphere instills in students the desire to learn for the sake of learning and increases their personal confidence as they experience success. The Xaverian charism recognizes the dignity and giftedness of each student as well as the differences that exist among students. In order to provide all students the opportunity to grow in their differing talents, a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School provides a variety of programs geared to the development of the whole person. A Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School attempts to create programs that encourage active lifelong learning. Such programs allow for student and teacher interactions, which develop skills necessary to retrieve, evaluate, synthesize and critique information.

A Spirit For Harmony

Harmony, rooted in Jesus Christ’s example of humility, has nurtured the growth of the Xaverian charism throughout its history.

Christian humility creates harmony by affirming both the giftedness and limitations of all members of a Xaverian school community thus freeing them to learn from each other and to seek the truth together. Christian humility offsets the effects of unhealthy attitudes that can impede human relationships and paralyze the functioning of the school community. Moreover, Christian humility can create the harmony needed to allow members of the school community to agree to ideas and programs which best serve their students. Harmony, being of one heart and one mind, promotes the growth of the community.

A Passion for Justice and Peace

A Xaverian Sponsored School is called to become a center of Christian concern for Gospel justice and peace. Those responsible for the governance and growth of a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School are to assure that the policies and procedures dealing with the treatment of administrators, support staff, teachers, students and their parents reflect Gospel care and justice. Likewise, they should assure that financial provisions are made to enroll the poor and the marginalized, thus enabling real cultural, social and economic diversity to exist.

The Xaverian Sponsored School will continue to educate students in Gospel values and the social teaching of the Church so that they are capable of making informed judgments about social issues, most especially the need for peace and nonviolence. A Xaverian Sponsored School forms students in the attitudes, values and competencies that promote a life of Christian service and social consciousness. It develops programs that allow students to give concrete service to the poor and marginalized. All members of the Xaverian Sponsored School community are called to put on the mind of Christ and to be active in their pursuit of Gospel justice.