Calls, Goals

In order to discern the Holy Spirit’s call for the Congregation, the Xaverian Brothers periodically convene a General Chapter, the principal legislative and policy-making body of the Congregation. During this assembly, the Brothers prayerfully reflect on the developments and ever-changing needs of the Church and the world in order to decide how they, inspired by the Founder’s charism, may best serve the Church’s mission of evangelization. The Founder’s charism is, thus, seen as a dynamic force in the life of the Brothers urging them to respond and adapt to the needs of the times.


In 1995, at the first session of the 24th General Chapter, the Xaverian Brothers were challenged to respond to the following calls:
With lives rooted in Gospel values, the example of St. Francis Xavier and the vision of Theodore James Ryken, the Xaverian Brothers are called personally and congregationally to a contemplative stance in the world and to mission among the poor and marginalized.
Likewise, in Chapter, the Xaverian Brothers adopted the following statement regarding their sponsorship of schools:

The Twenty-fourth General Chapter recognizes a vision of Church that calls us to be collaborators as a Congregation with lay men and women in ministries that further the mission of the Church and educate for justice.


We consequently affirm the work of education and of Catholic schools as one of the collaborative ministries in which we are engaged.


As an international missionary congregation, we continue our commitment to collaborating with lay colleagues in the sponsorship of schools that respond to the Calls of the Twenty-fourth General Chapter for a contemplative stance in the world and ministry among the poor and marginalized.


We look to strengthening the current network of sponsored schools in the United States through a sponsorship structure that furthers the vision and unique Xaverian nature of each school.


We are open to discovering ways in which this structure can be expanded in other areas of the Congregation.


The Xaverian Brothers, recognizing the unique value of the Catholic school as a means of evangelization, continue to commit themselves to the sponsorship of schools, while challenging the Sponsored Schools to respond to the ever-changing developments and needs of the Church and the world.


The Xaverian Brothers, therefore, expect their Sponsored Schools to respond to the following specific calls, goals and criteria.


The call to stewardship for the church’s mission and ministry of education in the tradition and spirit of the Xaverian Charism.


Leaders of a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School are selected, formed, and supported for governance and administration so that they have an understanding of the stewardship they share with the Xaverian Brothers for the mission of the school.


The call to become centers of faith that articulate, transmit and live the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the scripture and the authentic tradition of the Catholic Church.


The Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School will implement programs and activities for transmitting the Catholic faith.


The call to affirm and celebrate life more abundantly in Christian community.


The Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School will seek to form Christian community by deepening the understanding of Jesus Christ’s teachings about life and by affirming and celebrating significant moments in the life of the school community. As a Christian community, the Xaverian Sponsored School will welcome and affirm the giftedness and dignity of each person, respect diversity and create a caring atmosphere in which human relationships can grow and thrive.


The call to provide a challenging academic program that promotes the full development of each person’s giftedness.


The Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School implements an educational program so that it responds to students’ needs, challenges students to learn, to appreciate and develop personal talents, and prepares them to make their contribution to the betterment of humankind.


The call to be a center of Christian concern for justice and peace.


The Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School will be a center of active Christian concern for Gospel justice by modeling just practices and by educating and forming their students in the attitudes, values and competencies needed for a life of Christian service and social consciousness.


The call to value and support the dignity and self worth of those directly involved in the church’s ministry of education.


Recognizing that the ideals of a Xaverian education are realized through the dedication and talents of all school personnel, the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School will devote the attention and resources needed for the personal and professional development of teachers and support staff.