Entrepreneurs at St. John’s Preparatory School

A wave of energy surged through the normally quiet A. E. Studzinski Library, when eight groups of student entrepreneurs pitched new business ideas before a panel of judges during the Prep's Shark Tank event. See photos from event here. 


The teams were poised and polished as they described ideas that ranged from several different apps to an innovative new design for the traditional pop tent. The students presented a “rocket pitch” – three minutes, three slides – for ideas that solve a problem in the students’ communities and are actionable within six months.


The proposals, well researched and persuasively presented, outlined everything a potential investor would want to know: the problem the product addressed, development costs, potential markets, competitors in the same arena, estimated revenue and long-range goals. Each presentation ended with the all-important “ask” for start-up funding, after which the students responded to questions from a panel of judges who challenged them to articulate further the merits of their innovations.


After the last of the presentations, students talked quietly among themselves as the judges deliberated nearby. When they returned, the judges had selected two teams to go on to compete in the Babson Boston Cup at the end of the month.


To read about the projects that students presented, click here.



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