The Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools (XBSS) Office provides services to the schools operating out of a sense of Gospel mission that is reflected in the mission of the Church and of the Xaverian Brothers. The XBSS Office exercises a strategic perspective by providing collaborative, flexible and futuristic planning which preserves, protects and enhances the Xaverian educational tradition while addressing the evolving needs of the sponsored schools.


2018-2019 XBSS Calendar

  • August 10-12: XBSS New Teacher Orientation – Baltimore, MD
  • October: Gathering of Headmasters, Presidents, Principals and Board Chairs
  • January 19-20: XBSS Student Retreat Planning Meeting – West Hartford, CT
  • March 3-7: XBSS Student Retreat – West Hartford, CT



XBSS Teacher Orientation

An annual three-day program which provides an orientation to the Mission, Vision and Values of Xaverian Sponsorship for teachers new to Xaverian education. Through initiation to the history of the Xaverian contribution to Catholic Education and the spirituality of Theodore James Ryken, the founder of the Xaverian Brothers, teachers are challenged to stewardship of this charism in their schools in the future.

Faculty Formation Gathering

A meeting for those faculty and staff who are integral members of the individual school’s ongoing programs for faculty faith formation. The meeting provides an opportunity for networking as well as formation for these key personnel.

Administrators Gatherings

Semi-annual gatherings of school leaders (Headmasters, Presidents and Principals). The meetings provide opportunities for formation, planning, networking and leisure.

XBSS Board Governance Forum

Annual gathering of board members to address issues key to Xaverian Sponsorship, Catholic Education and school governance. All Board Members are asked to attend this Forum sometime during their first term on a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools Board.

Experienced Teachers Retreat

An annual program designed as a renewal program for teachers who have been teaching at least 15 years in a Xaverian school. The contribution these faculty members have made to their schools is celebrated.

XBSS Student Leadership Retreat

An annual five-day program gathering approximately 100 students from all the sponsored schools. The theme of the retreat is “Falling in Love with the Service of God”. Students have the opportunity to meet in small groups, participate in workshops on Xaverian Charism and History, Life of Ministry, Global Awareness, and Stewardship. The retreat ends with a day of service in nearby soup kitchens, shelters and other service agencies. Students are asked to develop a plan to bring the spirit of the Xaverian charism back to their individual schools.

Board of Directors Orientation

An annual orientation for new board members. This program has been held at each school in the fall in conjunction with the school’s orientation for new board members. The Orientation challenges new Board members to stewardship of Xaverian sponsorship as they oversee the Mission of their individual school.

Direct Services to Schools

The Sponsorship Personnel also provide a variety of direct services to member schools including the following: faculty retreat programs, mission awareness seminars, board retreats, strategic planning, board consulting and mission effectiveness.